This is the annual round-up of 2021 listing my hottest podcasts of the year as determined by a mix of downloads/streams.

2021 was probably one of the worst years of my life. After suddenly losing my husband and partner of 25 years, compounded by the continuing Covid19 pandemic affecting clubs and DJ work…music had suddenly lost its meaning and purpose for me. I struggled to create podcasts mostly tainted by my grieving. Many of you kindly supported me during this time…a special thank you to all those PREMIUM subscribers.

With the reduced number of podcasts created, these were the top3 of the year that contained the highest amount of listens and streams.

HARD ON mixes ruled the roost grabbing both top two positions. The 18th Birthday mix in particular was very popular.

See below for the Top 3 Podcasts of 2021. 

1. HARD ON 18

Celebrating 18 years of Hard On this podcast selected one track from each year to create the evolution of Hard On sound…the tracks were not the anthem of each year but represented the sound of that year.



After an absence from the clubbing scene since March 2020 HARD ON finally opened its doors to an eager fetish crowd. This mix was full of future Hard On hits and fresh dirty beats.



The annual Best Of 2020 Club mix put all the funky and chunky grooves that would have rocked 2020 dance floors into one mix. Its uplifting and driving beats seemed most popular with those who wanted a reminder of 2020 the year that almost wasn’t


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