Here is another specialist LGS retro podcast that completes the year 1992.

1992 was a great year for music. Techno was banging it out, raves were exploding, the Sydney gay scene was the place to be and the gays were being challenged that there is life beyond Kylie. However, 1992 was not only punctuated by the orchestral ball breaking sounds of Techno, but also the sound of great quality house tunes which helped balance out soundtrack of 1992

While LGS 1992 THE TECHNO MIX brought together all my favourite Techno tunes, this mix gives you my favourite house tunes from the Justified Ancients of Mumu to Felix, from the uplifting covers of classic pop tracks to the underground, from acid flavours to funky. 1992 had it all! When dropped these tracks had many podium bound, so let’s all gather under the mirror ball for the hottest house tunes of 1992!




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  1. Justified and Ancient [All Bound for Mu Mu Land] -The KLF
  2. Push The Feeling On -The Nightcrawlers
  3. Workout (1992 Vocal Mix) -Frankie Knuckles
  4. Black & White (Clivilles & Coles Remix) -Michael Jackson
  5. The Best Things In Life Are Free (K-Klass Remix) -Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross
  6. Even Better Than The Real Thing (The Perfecto Mix) -U2
  7. Shine on [Original 12” Mix] -Biti/Degrees of Motion
  8. Pennies From Heaven (Kevin’s Tunnel Mix) – Inner City
  9. You Got To Show Me Love (Club Edit) -Robin S
  10. Excited (Judge Jules Remix) -M People
  11. Temptation (Brothers In Rhythm Mix) – Heaven 17
  12. Passion (Original Mix) -Gat Decor
  13. Deeper And Deeper (Shep’s Deep Makeover Mix) -Madonna
  14. Let Me Be Your Underwear (Underground Club Mix)- Club 69
  15. Finally – Ce Ce Peniston
  16. Please Don’t Go – Double You
  17. The Pressure Part 1 (CJ Mackintosh Mix) -Sounds Of Blackness
  18. Understand This Groove (Original Mix) -Sound Factory
  19. Do You Want It Right Now -Degrees Of Motion Feat. Biti
  20. Don’t Stop (FarleyHeller Mix) -K-Klass
  21. Everybody’s Free (to Feel Good) (Original Mix) -Rozalla
  22. The Music’s Got Me (Club Mix) -Bass Bumpers
  23. Baker Street (Extended Mix) -Undercover
  24. Perfect Motion (Boys Own Remix) -Sunscreem
  25. Reach For Me (MURK Mix) -Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space
  26. Don’t You Want Me (hooj mix) -Felix
  27. Rhythm Is A Dancer -Snap
  28. 1992 Funky Guitar -TC Berry
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