When a genre combines Techno with Disco it will no doubt catch my ear…and when I heard the throbbing beat of Techno Disco Tool combined with funky and uplifting disco vocals I was a bee drawn to the disco hive! And I knew I had to put my own funky stamp on it, and this podcast is the result.

Fusing chunky & funky house with techno disco…you get an uplifting and pumping mix that borrows heavily from the funky and disco era and stamps a 21st Century techno beat all over it, taking the best of techno and disco and putting it together. At just over an hour long…it’s time to rave to the beat and get down on a new kind of disco floor!



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  1. DON’T YOU WANT MY LOVE – Paul Vinx feat Terri B
  2. THE PAINO GROOVE – Block & Crown
  4. FEEL REAL GOOD – Block & Crown
  6. SISTER – Me & My Toothbrush
  7. OFF THE WALL (DIM 2 PLAY REMIX) – Christian Vlad & Shawn B
  8. MOVIN DOIN IT – Paolo Barbato
  9. BE SHARP SAY NOWT – Patrick Topping
  10. TECHNO DISCO TOOL -Mella Dee
  11. SO CRAZY – Uknown
  12. I’M COMING – Simioli
  13. LOVE IN B MINOR – Silvio Carrano
  14. HOW LONG CAN I WAIT – Luca Debonaire
  15. MUCHACHO – Al Sharif & Corx
  16. LEXICON – Lex Luca
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