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SPECIAL OFFER FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS! SUBSCRIBE TO PREMIUM 2019 and get FREE access to all my 2018 premium mixes, Click on the SUBSCRIBE button below . If you are already a current subscriber with an active subscription you will automatically get access to my PREMIUM 2019 podcasts.

By subscribing to my premium you will receive a year of my podcasts without the promotional voice-overs at a higher quality bitrate of 192kps and exclusive mixes just for Premium subscribers.

You will also help support the cost and maintenance of this site which has abled me to deliver you years worths of podcasts.

Subscription costs £30 per year. You can pay by credit card or Paypal. All payments are processed by Paypal.

Once you subscribe to a certain year (currently that is the year 2019), you will always have access to that year’s worth of Podcasts, even if you do not continue to buy the following years subscription.

To subscribe to the 2019 podcasts click on the Paypal button below. Once subscribed you will be sent via email a code which will give you access to the premium download page(s)

If you want to subscribe to a different year than the current one please contact me for more information.



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