STEP BACK TO 1992 and let’s go raving!

By the time 1992 came around Sydney was being challenged by a new wave of music called Techno. Very few DJs on the gay scene supported…but on the rising British rave scene it was embraced, and I was one of the DJs that saw Techno as a tool to help transform Sydney music from Kylie to credible.

My embrace of Techno was not an all together popular choice, especially with the older Sydney gays. But to the bourgeoning rave scene it was a sound to be reckoned with. Techno came in two forms…the Italo influenced and the hard as guts head bangers. Admittedly I preferred the uplifting Italo Techno, but I had my hard moments. Some very hard moments.

Techno help define my Dj career. It made me stand out from the crowd, put my name into the name of both the straight ravers and the young gay party crowd. By the end of the year Techno had evolved and could be heard in most gay venues, but for me it did exactly what I wanted it to do…introduce sounds and genres to the gay scene to say “there is more than Kylie”…of course Kylie’s foray into techno helped the cause.

This mix contains some of the big Techno anthems from both the Italo end of the spectrum to the hard bangers summarising a year of change. And I loved it.

Don’t be fooled though. 1992 was also a year of some great HOUSE too…but is another podcasts all together!

In the words of Anticapella “U Got To Let The Music Take Control…”


LGS 1992- THE TECHNO MIX by Djbrentnicholls on Mixcloud


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  1. Move Your Feet (Extended Techno Mix)- 49ers feat. Ann Marie Smith
  2. I Need You (Digital Mix) – Space Master
  3. The Music Is Movin’ (Mars Plastic Mix) – Fargetta
  4. Dont Go- Awesome 3
  5. Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Baby D
  6. The Age Of Love (Watch Out For The Stella Club Mix) – The Age Of Love
  7. Power Of American Natives (club mix) – Dance 2 Trance
  8. Open Your Mind – Usura
  9. Jump (Hot Tracks Extended Mix) – The Movement
  10. U Got To Let The Music – Capella vs Anitcapella
  11. A Night In Motion (Original Mix) -Cubic 22
  12. Apotheosis – O Fortuna
  13. James Brown is dead – LA Style
  14. The Mayday Anthem – WestBam
  15. Can You Feel It- Elevation
  16. On A Ragga Tip (Original Mix) – SL2
  17. Injected with a Poison (Prodigy Mix) – Praga Khan
  18. Ebeneezer Goode – Beatmasters Mix The Shamen
  19. Something Good (feat.Kate Bush) – Utah Saints
  20. Can You Feel It (Original Vocal Mix) -CLS
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